Floral / Black tin can

This refined round container for tea and infusions is ideal for storing each ingredient correctly. The closure of the jar is formed by a rotating lid (screw) which keeps the integrity of the tea contained intact; allows you to safely preserve food from external air, moisture and heat. It is suitable for containing both loose tea leaves and sachets, as well as dried ingredients for herbal teas, infusions and decoctions – it can even contain pods.

Store up to 125 grams of tea, which may vary slightly depending on the product entered. Its particular aesthetic makes the tea box a precious element also in terms of design, perfect for an orderly and elegant kitchen shelf. The luxurious embossed decorative motif is possible in two versions, both of oriental inspiration.

The flower tea container recalls the design of red cherry blossoms and black branches, evoking a symbol of traditional Japan. The creamy white background creates a nice detachment with the darker surface. The black tin container version is decorated with the 3 Chinese ideograms of "Happiness", "Spirit" and "Love", on a velvety black background.

Perfect for the tea ritual, these containers display raised edges with a combination of glossy and matte surfaces, which are also splendid to the touch. The material of the tin is of high quality, processed to be stable, food safe and then decorated with special lacquers. A container that fascinates every tea lover, made with care and passion for style details.

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