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Eclissi tin can

The container correctly stores your favorite tea, loose or in sachets, the ingredients of herbal teas, other dried foods and even pods.

Created in high quality tin, the jar keeps tea and herbal teas away from humidity, air and heat, thanks to the structured closure with a secure joint. At the same time, the tea container keeps your kitchen tidy and avoids the dispersion of loose leaves and other components for herbal teas, infusions and decoctions. On the shelves, this tea box becomes a pleasant accessory thanks to its refined design, with an aesthetic showing pretty floral motifs, and a matching printed bottom.

The tea canisters are available in two colours, blue and plum purple, with a finish that makes them aesthetically and tactilely special – with matt, food-safe lacquers. The selected tin is a qualitatively valid material with an above-average thickness, which guarantees the stability of the tea jar. Furthermore, it is a sustainable material, 100% recyclable.

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