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Shiro is a homogeneous stew made mainly of chickpea pea powder or broad beans. It is often prepared with the addition of minced meat and onions, garlic and, depending on the variant, ginger.

Shiro is usually served on top of an enjera, a basic dish of Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine and is prepared with teff flour, a cereal originally from the Ethiopian highlands. With flour and water a creamy mixture is obtained which is poured and spread on large heated plates. In just a few minutes of cooking it turns into a large spongy grayish crepe with a slightly acidic flavor. Enjera is a basic ingredient of zighinì, one of the dishes of Eritrean cuisine.

Generally accompanies other dishes such as meat (dorowot, segawot) or vegetables. Rolls of enjera are served separately and, torn in tatters, are used to bring food to the mouth. however, it can be cooked in pieces on the taita and eaten with a spoon, this version is called: shiro fit-fit. The shiro is part of the Ethiopian and Eritrean cuisine. It is preferably consumed during the periods of Lent and Ramadan. It is a vegetarian dish, however, there is a variant that includes tesmi (a spiced light butter) which makes it non-vegetarian.


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