Couscous flavoring: properties, benefits:

Couscous is a simple food whose nutritional qualities are identical to the common pasta, since couscous is made with the same ingredients, water and semolina durum wheat. Couscous is rich in carbohydrates, proteins and starch, and also in vitamins of the group B and in vitamin A.

Couscous also contains some important mineral salts, such as potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Precisely because it is rich in fiber, couscous has high digestive properties, which stimulate the intestine and help the body get rid of the harmful elements that can promote the onset of tumors. Even if couscous has the same nutritional qualities as wheat, it has dietetic properties because the quantity of water absorbed is far greater, and this increases the volume of grains and also the sense of satiety conferred by this dish.

In a nutshell, 40 gr of couscous seasoned with fish and vegetables are enough to obtain a tasty and filling dish, well balanced and perfectly in line with the objectives of a diet aimed at lose weight. In addition, couscous contains few lipids and is already seasoned with a drop of oil. In fact, very little is needed to enrich the couscous, and even with a few condiments it is possible to make a tasty and dietary dish.

Rich in dietary fiber, highly digestible, couscous is a moderator of the glycemic index, as well as an excellent energy supplier.


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