Anise seeds in powder: properties, benefits:

The Egyptians were the first people to discover the benefits of consuming anise and used it to produce cough decoctions.
The ancient Romans appreciated its digestive qualities, they used it to treat insomnia and as a mucolytic. In fact, they were greedy for anise. Each banquet ended a slice of cake sprinkled with anise seeds called mustaceus.
Today the descendants of the Romans (also European) get the same effect - after much more modest meals - by chewing anise seeds.

Even the Greeks used it against the evils of the season and as a remedy against scorpion stings, while in medieval times it was used above all as a remedy for respiratory diseases and head.

May help prevent and / or treat:

-Cramps in the stomach

It goes well with the following spices: star anise, cinnamon, coriander, cunimo, fennel in seeds , allspice.

It goes very well with : cheese, seafood, bread and buns, chicken,

Origins and notes of history:

The anise plant, an annual plant with white flowers, grows in almost all areas with a warm climate, including Greece, North Africa, Spain, Italy, Malta. Originally from the Middle East, the Romans and Greeks in their time spread it all over the Mediterranean and from there to the Americas, in the time of Columbus.


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