This delicate blend contains white sea salt from the clear water of the Pacific Ocean and natural bamboo. It represents a very popular novelty among cooking salts, for its light flavor and green color, due to the extract of bamboo leaves infused in the crystals. The exotic taste of this condiment makes it ideal for Asian cuisine and for creative recipes of first, second and side dishes.

Green Salt of Hawaii Bamboo Vade: features and benefits

The blend of sea salt and bamboo contains various beneficial elements, minerals and trace minerals naturally occurring in the ocean and taken up by crystals. Its golden green color comes from the natural process of processing and drying with the use of bamboo leaves - a plant that grows spontaneously in this archipelago, or is organically grown. In some cases, based on the release of bamboo pigmentation, Hawaiian salt can also show green-gray shades. Thanks to bamboo, the characteristics of green Hawaiian salt also change in terms of flavor. The plant extract gives the salt a flavor with nuances of hazelnut, sweet and delicate, and a fruity and tropical scent. This authentic Hawaiian sea salt is perfect in the kitchen for flavoring the most exotic dishes, inspired by Asian cuisine, but in any case it becomes perfect for dishes based on fish - Hawaiian cuisine, in fact, is based on fishing. Among the characteristics of the artisanal green salt of Hawaii are the properties of bamboo leaves, which have amino acids, antioxidants, traces of vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin in addition to the mineral salts of sea salt (calcium, phosphorus, iron). / p>

Origins and History of the extraction

It is a salt of completely natural origin, extracted only in the archipelago of Hawaii, where there are particular salt flats. Thanks to the presence of volcanoes and their activities, the salt has changed and crystallized, so as to include mineral characteristics and other elements in the crystals. In particular, it comes from the island of Moloka? I, where it is obtained by evaporation, and with the union of the extracts of the bamboo leaves, in the drying phase. Among the varieties of cooking salts, Hawaiian green salt is also known as "bamboo vade", perhaps due to a small misunderstanding in the English translation of the terms used by the local natives when they spoke of this variety of salt. Or it is called "bamboo jade" due to its jade green color. The blend is born with an artisanal process of harvesting the highest quality white Pacific sea salt. The water is evaporated in the locally owned salt basins of the island to obtain the large crystals which are then infused with bamboo leaf extract. This salt that comes from Hawaii reflects a process for cooking salt, not to be confused with the bamboo salt for medicinal use for many centuries created with another process in some Asian countries. In fact, bamboo leaf extract has been valued for thousands of years as a health benefit in southern China and Korea.

Nutritional values ​​of Hawaiian Green Salt

This salt contains mostly sodium chloride, as well as traces of about 70 trace minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, phosphorus, iron. Its nutritional profile is enriched, in fact, by bamboo extract, which brings traces of amino acids, minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, thiamin, riboflavin, niacins.

How to use Green Salt from Hawaii Bamboo Vade in the kitchen

Sea salt with bamboo from Hawaii, is an extraordinary condiment that gives a delicate and exotic taste , as well as a light aroma , perfect for Asian and Pacific cuisine. In our gastronomic tradition, it is perfect for flavoring grilled fish and seafood. Excellent for marinating recipes, prawns and prawns, shellfish, scampi, salmon, sushi. Used as a spiced salt for recipes with basmati rice and fish risotto. It enhances the vegetables cooked in every way, with the spicy notes of salt that go well with minestrone and soups. Due to its aromatic scent it is perfect for giving a unique scent even to white meat, such as pork and chicken; it can also be used to season beef. The delicate color is splendid for garnishing salads, roasted vegetables and eggs, mango and as a finishing salt for gourmet recipes. A precious table salt for its color and sweetish taste, which veers towards notes of hazelnut ut

ili also for creative sweet recipes.

Hawaiian Green Salt Bamboo Vade: side effects and contraindications

Caution is advised in the intake of sea salt in case of hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, diseases related to the kidneys and blood vessels. Furthermore, it is good to moderate the quantities during pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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