Lemon flavored salt can be a real help in the kitchen, with a balanced and tasty blend. It gives a fresh flavor to tasteless dishes, and gives a "citrusy" flavor to recipes and where, normally, a touch of lemon leads to perfection. A pinch is enough to give the dishes an extra flavor.

Lemon salt: characteristics and benefits

The flavored salt is made using a mixture of sea salt, with the addition of extracts and lemon zest. In this way, it keeps intact the characteristics that make it unique in the world and beneficial for the substances it contains. The lemon-flavored salt releases its scent, enhancing dishes in a brilliant way, both savory and sweet. The combination in varying proportions of salt and lemon extract is enhanced by a touch of turmeric which makes it a gourmet salt. Furthermore, thanks to the lemon peels, the salt has Vitamin C content, and is useful for increasing the purifying and antimicrobial properties of the salt, and those useful for our well-being.

Origins and History of Extraction

Sea salt has been obtained through the evaporation of sea water for centuries. Evaporation techniques may vary, but the oldest method is to fill seawater in tanks, taking advantage of the high tide. The salt crystals in the pools of water will undergo a process determined by the evaporation of the liquid thanks to the sun's rays and natural heat. The process is advantageous in hot climates, where the evaporation rate exceeds that of precipitation. Constant winds are also needed to encourage evaporation. In the subsequent crystallization tanks, the concentrated brine precipitates the salt in the bottom, which will be collected by suitable mechanical machines. The impurities present in the brine are drained and discarded before harvesting, to obtain a pure sea salt. The unrefined version of sea salt, it lends a better texture and flavor to the dressing, according to many gourmets. It also retains the natural minerals present in the sea. Sea salt has been used for millennia not only to flavor food, but also as an ingredient in various beauty products for the body and some beverages. Lemon salt is made with a mixture of sea salt and dried lemon peels and lemon extract. Turmeric is added, and the flavoring is ready.

Nutritional values ​​of lemon salt

The main component of sea salt is sodium chloride, while the remainder is made up of other trace minerals. In particular, it contains potassium, calcium and magnesium, which are found in sea water. Traces of zinc and iron may be present. This salt also contains vitamin C via lemon, traces of fiber and carbohydrates.

How to use lemon salt in cooking

Many dishes can be enhanced by this balanced and tasty mix. This salt is ideal for flavoring succulent ingredients such as fish and white meats. In particular, in recipes where the aroma and touch of lemon are precious. Perfect, therefore, in fish dishes, steamed or grilled, where it enhances the taste with sea salt and lemon. It is a flavored salt that enhances combinations with pork and lamb dishes, and various white meats - as for roast chicken. Perfect for finishing on meat carpaccio and fried fish. It becomes a creative touch to dress salads, cooked, raw or grilled vegetables - roasted, and is also suitable for giving a different touch to cheese. As cooking salt, it is also an excellent finish in first courses such as risotto and cold pasta. For desserts, it is excellent in dark chocolate. The fresh taste and intense citrus scent are released by sprinkling the dishes with a few crystals, evenly.

Lemon salt: side effects and contraindications

Caution is advised in the intake of sea salt in case of hypertension, pregnancy and breastfeeding. Furthermore, it is good to moderate the quantities in case of cardiovascular disorders, diseases related to the kidneys and blood vessels. Recall that the grains of sea salt are larger than those of normal refined salt. Therefore, a smaller quantity of it is enough than the fine-grained table salt, in the doses.


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