This aromatic salt blend combines the pleasant crunchy texture of fleur de sel with the lively green jalapeno chipotle pepper. The result is a salty-sweet, smoky and intense flavor . It gives a different touch depending on the recipe, becoming a versatile ingredient among cooking salts.

Fleur de Sel with green Jalapeno Chipotle: the features and benefits

The flower of salt, ie the first crystals that form and remain on the surface of the salt flats, is a natural table salt, which shows a unique consistency. It stands out because it is crunchy and delicate, without artificial additives. It is a natural salt rich in essential minerals for the balance of the body. Excellent compared to refined salt as a source of iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, fluorine and copper. As it does not undergo refinement processes, it maintains the qualities that derive from the sea.

At first sight, the marine fleur de sel shows itself in small white and crumbly crystals, appreciated by chefs for their softness and aroma which enhances the flavor of the dishes. In addition to sodium chloride, minerals are also added. In the preparation of salt flavored with chilli, it combines with the green Chipotle Jalapeno, with a taste between sweet and spicy.
This variety of chilli pepper long and with a rounded tip, shows green bulbs that are still unripe, usually smoked immediately after harvest. For this reason, the pleasant aroma of smoke can give a special touch to some dishes. The peculiarity of dried “jalapeños” is to combine with sea salt to create a versatile ingredient, much appreciated in American, Texan and Mexican cuisine. This note can boost the thermal dimension for different spice mixes or barbecue sauces. It is used both in the cooking of savory dishes and for the preparation of some desserts.

Origins and History of cultivation

This salt derives from an ancient tradition regarding the Fleur de Sel or salt flower. It is a natural cooking salt that derives its name from the processing of the past in France, and precisely in Brittany. It is obtained from ocean waters, including from the Indian Ocean, and its production still takes place today according to the usual practice. It is therefore an artisanal sea salt obtained by collecting ocean water in artificial tanks. Once evaporated, it will leave the concentrated brine on the bottom, which is then sent to the drying basin.

The days that are poorly ventilated and hot are expected, because a layer of surface salt forms on the surface of the water. Usually, the thickness is about 1 cm, and this is defined by the salt workers as the fleur de sel. It is a timely and manual harvest, before the time changes, and for this reason it follows the rhythms of nature a lot. Salt workers must quickly harvest it by hand before the weather changes.
Fleur de sel is a beautiful and delicate atmosphere of nature. The other ingredient is chipotle, a jalapeño pepper that is dried and smoked - once in the open and for several days. It derives from the Capsicum annuum plant, and according to some its origin dates back to the Aztecs, who smoked meat and chillies.

Today it is mainly used in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine in the United States. Jalapeño varieties are varied, varying in size and warmth, and in the case of green jalapeños, they are often the unripe ones, as they turn red at the end of the growing season. Smoking gives it a unique aroma and flavor, as it affects the chemical properties, also depending on the wood used or the gas dryers.

Nutritional values ​​of Fleur de Sel salt with green Jalapeno Chipotle

This salt contains mostly Sodium Chloride (98.80%), as well as minerals such as iron, iodine, zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium, fluorine and copper. In addition, it contains traces of vitamins A and C, due to chilli.

How to use it and combine it in the kitchen:

As a spice for food, it can be used to flavor even in small quantities. It is not recommended to take it over the fire because it loses its crunchy texture. It is used differently from sea salt, and is ideal for dressing salads, fish, white or red meats - especially roasts.

It is excellent added at the end of the recipe, as it gives a concentrated taste. Ideal for creating a mix of spices for barbecue meat, for dry rub (dry rubbing), but also for flavoring eggs, vegetables, cheeses, soups, roast potatoes and special rice dishes.

Suitable for fried fish or vegetables as a finishing touch, paying close attention to the doses. Interesting used in tomato sauces, to which one avoids adding chilli for flavoring. In potato dishes, the flavor is softened. It is also used to create sweets and chocolates, candies and as an intense rim for cocktails that involve a salty "thrill" (Margarita, Bloody Mary).

Sale Fleur de Sel with Jalapeno Chipotle: side effects and contraindications

Being very rich in minerals, fleur de sel should be consumed in smaller quantities than refined, about 1 teaspoon per day. Caution is advised in the intake of sea salt in case of hypertension, pregnancy and breastfeeding.


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