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The amaretto and cherry infusion gives us exceptional ingredients with a unique scent - an aroma that evokes the classic amaretto we drink. The foods give the same sweetish taste but perfumed by the cherry, creating a perfect drink to wrap the atmosphere. It can delight the palate, to be sipped on cold winter days. The intrinsic characteristics of this infusion also have favorable qualities for our well-being.

Amaretto and cherry infusion: properties and benefits

The benefits of cherry infusion are numerous, and they combine with other foods to facilitate the intake of vitamins, mineral salts and substances useful to our body. Its fruity taste combines with the properties that give vitamin C, vitamin E, and minerals such as iron, calcium and potassium. It promotes blood circulation thanks to its richness in anthocyanins and pectin, which represent specific antioxidants, also for cardiovascular well-being. In fact, dried cherries provide many polyphenols and vitamin C, which help fight free radicals, a source of oxidation and damage to our cells. Furthermore, the antioxidants contained counteract irritations, soreness and strengthen the immune system. In winter, this cherry infusion can be useful for warming up, with a soothing effect on rheumatic pains and alleviating headaches. Excellent as a diuretic, it can purify the body and is useful for avoiding a rise in blood pressure. The potential benefits of the infusion are provided both by the cherry component and by other elements such as apple, hibiscus, rose hip, grape. In particular, dehydrated hibiscus is an excellent concentrate of properties for the regularity of intestinal transit - the flower has slightly laxative and diuretic qualities. Strengthens the action of the cherry in the drainage of body fluids, supporting the functionality of the urinary tract. It contains other flavonoids, in particular anthocyanins which help the well-being of the heart and the functionality of the microcirculation. Antioxidant compounds are also useful for the balance of the nervous system, and for the beauty of the skin. Another vitamin C is provided by the rosehip of the dog rose, enhancing that of the hibiscus and the cherry. This small, round fruit is associated with maintaining a strong immune system and benefits the cardiovascular system. The galactolipid compounds help the qualities of the infusion in contrasting rheumatic and arthritis pains. Grapes also provide vitamins and mineral salts such as calcium and magnesium; micro-nutrients useful as antioxidants, for joints and energizers. The cherry and amaretto infusion increases energy levels and good mood with its flavor and aroma. Sweet and fruity, the infusion has some sour notes that make it even more pleasant between meals. The taste profile is enhanced by the natural aroma and the other components, which make up the aroma of the amaretto.

Origins and History of cultivation

The blend features several natural fruits and flowers that help well-being: apple, hibiscus, rosehip, grape, cherry. In particular for cherries, grapes and apples, we know that they have been cultivated for thousands of years, selected for their beneficial properties. They provide nutrients, and substances that have been used in popular medicines for centuries, as natural anti-inflammatories and for circulation disorders. Even dried hibiscus flowers were used in the past for these functions. There are many peoples who have consumed these ingredients as natural herbal remedies. Today they are also known for their value in the protection and beauty of the skin, for their supply of vitamin C. If in ancient times these fruits or flowers were only available in the original territories, today they are easily available; for this reason they are included in the blends for infusions, in order to enrich our diet.

Plants and flowers

The components of the infusion are many, and the mixture contains leaves and flowers of different origins. Hibiscus or Hibiscus is a flowering plant that belongs to the Malvaceae family. The Hibiscus genus includes hundreds of species, all native to warm temperate, subtropical and tropical regions of the world. The large flowers and these species are those used in herbal medicine for their properties, dried and then infused. The cherry is the fruit of the plant of the genus Prunus, present in different varieties. It is a tree belonging to the Rosaceae family, native to various territories including Europe, North Africa and Asia. The fruit represents a fleshy drupe (stone fruit), which usually arises from theand varieties of the sweet cherry Prunus avium or of the sour cherry Prunus cerasus. The Rose is a plant of the Rosaceae family, originally from Asia. There are hundreds of species and thousands of cultivars of this perennial plant, famous for its fragrant flowers. It can appear in the form of erect, climbing shrubs, with or without thorns on the stems. The fruits called rose hips are those of the spontaneous Rosa canina. These are false oval and fleshy fruits, orange or red, which contain the achenes, the true yellow-brown fruits. The Malus domestica plant of the Rosaceae family is the tree that gives apples. It is native to Asia, now widespread and cultivated all over the planet. The fruits differ in colors and in many varieties, and have been used in human nutrition for thousands of years for their nutritional properties. The grape is the fruit of Vitis Vinifera, which gives its bunches. It is a plant known for thousands of years, probably originally from India, and which spread first in Asia and then in the Mediterranean basin.

Nutritional values of amaretto and cherry infusion

The infusion contains a high level of vitamin C, in addition to vitamin E and carotenoids. The flavonoids present in the cherry combine with those of the other ingredients to make anthocyanins and antioxidants such as sabdaretin, gossipetin and hibiscetin available. Elements such as potassium, iron, calcium have been found. How to use the ingredients in the infusion The amaretto and cherry infusion is obtained by placing about 3-5 grams of the mixture with water at 100°C in a cup (250 ml). Leave to infuse for 10 to 12 minutes before drinking. Add honey or sugar, if desired.

Amaretto and cherry infusion: side effects and contraindications

Both the berries and flowers contained are considered safe, but it is necessary to maintain the recommended doses, without exceeding them. Exaggerated consumption of the infusion can cause side effects such as intestinal gas formation, diarrhea, nausea and headache. Furthermore, it is good to evaluate the individual ingredients in case of allergies or intolerances. For those suffering from heart problems or hypertension / low blood pressure, it is always better to evaluate the intake together with an expert. Caution is advised for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

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