Vanilla green pepper: properties and benefits:

Vanilla green pepper from Borneo, as well as black, is produced from the unripe fruit of a plant of the Piperaceae family. In the drying process it is treated with sulfur dioxide in order to maintain the green color of the fruit. By far one of the most aristocratic and good pepper blends, which the panorama of spice producers offers.
Among our blends, it is by far the most requested product by lovers of unique and inimitable natural flavors. Vanilla in its Bouquet of perfumes, releases about 170 different floral notes.
The properties of green pepper are almost identical to those of black pepper, the anti-fermentation and antiseptic potentials were already exploited in the past for the preservation of food .

Piperidine, piperine and piperectine are amides that give the spicy flavor to the essential oil of green pepper; thanks to these constituents, green pepper is used as a nervous and gastric stimulant. Due to its pronounced and original aroma, being already crushed, it is advisable to reduce it into a paste with extra virgin olive oil, and use it as a base for meat sauces or fish fillets and for marinades.
For use. external, green pepper determines an action at the level of pain receptors: for this reason, just like pepper in general, it has rubefacient properties, causing mild irritation on the skin induced by the vasodilation of the capillaries. The green vanilla pepper from Borneo can also be used raw, being a product created with very expensive spices, it is recommended to use it sparingly.

Origins and history:

Green pepper is native to southern India and is cultivated extensively both in India and in tropical countries. The world pepper market is in Kochi in India, but Vietnam has become the world's largest producer. Pepper accounts for 20% of the spice trade in the world.
It is obtained from the unripe fruit and can be dried, treating it with sulfur dioxide, in order to maintain the green color of the fruit and is often put in brine.This spice receives its spicy aroma almost completely from piperine, a substance which is found both in the pulp and in the seed.
The pulp, left in black pepper, also contains important aromas that give a flavor of lemon, wood and flowers, generally pungent and aromatic.
The aroma is greater in black and green. In general, green pepper, being obtained from unripe fruit, is less pungent and has a fresh and herbaceous aroma. These aromas are very reduced in white pepper as it is completely deprived of the pulp.

White pepper can contain other flavors due to the long fermentation and has a higher pungent character than the other two. As for intensity, black pepper is the strongest, then we have white and, finally, green pepper much more delicate.

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