Black peppercorns Tellycherry TGEB: properties and benefits:

Black pepper is considered "the king of spices" in the kitchen. It is obtained from a tropical plant grown mainly in some regions of Southeast Asia.

For its growth, this plant prefers a temperate climate. Tellicherry black pepper is considered among the best pepper selections in the world. And it is the most common black pepper in Italy in the common form.

It is an average spicy pepper, it is recommended and recommended on all dishes. It has particularly intense spicy and aromatic notes, but with pungent resinous hints. Tellicherry black pepper is the reference pepper in Southern European kitchens that decide to offer quality grains. Very suitable with first courses based on tomato sauce, fresh or preserved.

Enhances all grilled meats, fish and vegetables. Black pepper is a spice with many virtues, in addition to its wide use in the kitchen, it is also found in body care. The most interesting active ingredient contained in pepper is piperine, a substance capable of stimulating the metabolism, thus helping to burn more calories and counteract the accumulation of fat.


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