Calabash Striata for mate

The particular design of this container for yerba mate makes it an original accessory for those who usually sip the South American drink. The use of traditional vessels undoubtedly creates an exotic atmosphere during the mate ritual; in particular, this decoration of the striped calabash pumpkin recalls the tiger lines.

The shape of the calabash is perfect for reproducing the original gourds used in the Mate ritual. It has a good capacity to hold the Yerba Mate, and the thick walls ensure proper preparation and tasting. Hot water and dried Yerba Mate leaves are immersed in the calabash. They are filled at least ¾ of the container, to create the mixture that can be sipped with a straw equipped with a filter, called a bombilla. When the water is absorbed by the leaves, it is poured again, always hot; for this reason, a perfect calabash keeps the liquid and the temperature at its best.

The utensil takes its name from the gourd of the Calabash plant (tropical tree), which was used as a container for the drink by the South American Guaraní tribes. The pulp was extracted, and the mate bowl was obtained from the dried hard shell. Modern materos have kept this shape as a vessel for mate, although there are now several traditional vessels in which yerba mate is served. The most common are made of calabash, wood or horn, in addition to metal. Calabash from gourds and wooden calabash can be easily dyed, carved and decorated – as is the case with the coating of striped calabash.

In original and artistic gourds, the combination with other materials is also usual, and metallic finishes apply to the opening. The reason for the metal ring is to prevent the formation of cracks on the edges. It is advisable to keep the water in the calabash below the level of the metal, as bacteria and fungi can grow right next to the opening. Therefore, it must be cleaned and kept dry when not in use. In terms of shape, the calabash gourds are created with the different parts of the gourd, but the shape of the calabash striata is the classic one (the "calabaza" obtained from the lower part). A shape that keeps the herb well compressed inside the container, to obtain a uniform taste during the various changes of hot water.


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