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Flat steel bombilla for mate

To better enjoy yerba mate powder, use this accessory with perfect filtering, which allows the liquid to flow smoothly and naturally to the palate. The straight, tapered spout of the bombilla allows for an optimal flow of mate with every sip - it can be matched to any size of mate gourd, and avoids getting burned by the hot water while drinking.

Its scoop (paletilla) has a specific shape that prevents you from accidentally drinking the yerba mate leaves and stems. This bombilla with a flattened end features a flat filter with holes ideal for medium-coarse ground yerba mate.

The yerba mate straw has a comfortable design, curved at the top to enjoy this energizing drink. Mate is obtained from a plant typical of the South American territory, and is considered an alternative to coffee. It is savored by filtering the drink through a metal straw - the bombilla da mate - which is inserted into the classic gourd (matero or calabash). Filtering is necessary so as not to accidentally ingest the leaves, and the mate bombilla is an essential accessory for the cebador (person who prepares mate).

The stainless steel ensures the hygiene of the bombilla, since it does not corrode in contact with water, food or heat. It is suitable for food use and remains shiny over time - we recommend cleaning the straw with a microfibre cloth after each use. This bombilla can also be used for the preparation of tea or other loose leaf infusions for which filtering is useful.


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