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This elegant vessel has been made from a heat-resistant material, such as borosilicate glass. It is a carafe suitable for containing and pouring liquids at high temperatures such as tea, infusions and herbal teas, essential for those who want an impeccable accessory for hot drinks. The jug system with infuser allows you to infuse the ingredients of the herbal teas through the removable stainless steel filter.

To keep the contents at the right temperature and safe, the lid has an automatic closure that prevents dripping (anti-drip spout). The closure is equipped with an integrated filter, a specific strainer to filter both large leaves and more finely ground ingredients, thanks to the special laser perforation. The filter jug is a perfect accessory for preparing tea, infusions and herbal teas, coffee, lemonades, flavored water and other hot drinks.

Thanks to its capacity (1.25 liters) and size (100 x 300 mm), it can bring drinks to the table for several people, with a unique style. From a design point of view, the carafe amazes with the splendid cherry blossoms, leaves or elegant geometries that decorate the interior. The refined cuff-band on the surface is added, for the safe grip from the heat, and an elegant coaster in coordinated synthetic leather. Perfect as a gift, the filter jug with infuser comes with a matching case, and is available in different colors: orange, purple, light blue.

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