500g floral tin container

These tea or herbal tea jars become a lively and colorful addition to any pantry; they are well suited to modern kitchens and cheer up classic ones. From the point of view of capacity, they are able to contain about 500 g - an approximate measure, given that the capacity varies according to the content (size of the tea leaves, dried ingredients for teas and infusions, coffee, etc.)

The tin container has an airtight closure, suitable for preserving the contents in the correct way. A large tea jar preserves the freshness of the leaves, preventing them from degrading due to external heat, humidity, air and sunlight. Factors that can spoil tea or other foods – in particular, humidity can generate mold, and the oxygen in the air oxidizes the active ingredients.

Tin is a safe material for storing tea or other foods, so tin containers are in demand. Does not absorb odors, protects against degradation and maintains freshness. The high quality of the material used avoids deformation of the tin container over time. The sturdiness makes the kitchen box durable and suitable for daily use.

The square jar has a protective coating that makes this kitchen container safe, both for tea and other dry goods. The exuberant and precious design shows a cheerful and vital explosion of flowers, leaves and buds. It is available in two different shades, both lively: orange and burgundy.

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