Churrasco Mexico BBQ: properties e benefits:

The practice of flavoring meat has become increasingly widespread throughout Latin America and has become one of the most used blends in Mexico. Coming from Rio Grande do Sul, home of the Gaucho culture, Churrasco is today synonymous with grilled meat.

Churrasco was born with the first colonizers of southern Brazil. The story goes that the gauchos, in the long movements to follow the herds in the pampas, cut large pieces of beef, tying them behind the horse.
In this way the meat would be salted with the sweat of the animal .

Churrasco is suitable for all specialties of beef, pork and lamb and grilled poultry. Flavors steaks, meat and vegetable skewers and meat dishes.
It is a universal blend, which is used to flavor even the famous bean soups.

In fact, Churrasco is a mixture suggested also for vegan dishes with beans, to flavor with the typical Mexican flavor, the flavor of a country enclosed in 22 aromas.

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