Tunisian Harissa spice mix: properties, benefits:

Tunisian cuisine is the only cuisine in the Maghreb that prefers spicy dishes. This preference is to be explained by the long domination in Tunisia, starting from the 16th century, of the Osmani who brought paprika and chilli pepper also to other countries dominated by them, for example in Hungary. The bread is dipped in harissa pasta or various typical dishes are flavored from couscous to lamb stew.
The harissa contains finely ground red pepper and paprika. These two spices belong to the same family, that of the Capsicum genus.

Its pleasantly spicy taste, and the aroma of paprika gives this North African specialty a slightly honeyed, warm and fruity taste, very appetizing. These are the characteristics that make Harissa so appreciated by us.
It is a well balanced composition, of medium spiciness, with a pleasant fruity note of sugar, chilli pepper, salt, paprika, kummel and coriander.


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