Wild fennel flower: properties, benefits:

Wild fennel in bloom (Foeniculum vulgare) also like that in seeds is used for the relaxation of the abdominal muscles (cramps abdominals), in cases of meteorism, in dyspepsias, in gaseous colic of both adults and children.
The properties of this spice are innumerable, in fact the large amount of phytoestrogens makes fennel a good uterine tonic, suitable for relieving the symptoms of menopause, stimulate the menstrual flow and reduce the pain.
The leaves of the wild fennel are very fresh and with a less decisive aroma than the seeds.
The wild fennel in bloom are considered a spice to be used in the kitchen to enrich our dishes with flavor and as ingredients in the home preparation of bread, crackers and breadsticks. Their flavor is rather sweet and reminds that of anise.
In addition to the wild bitter variety (fennel or fennel), fennel contains stimulating, digestive, antiseptic, diuretic properties, it can be cultivated in the sweet vegetable variety, of which the stem or sheath is consumed, indicated as a cooked or raw side dish.


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