infused cream and blueberry

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An infusion of cream and blueberries has refreshing, astringent, diuretic properties and contains many active ingredients, including vitamins A and C promoting better blood circulation. A concentrate of well-being and a pleasant sensation to try. apple, hibiscus, grapes, rosehip, blackberry leaves, natural flavor, safflower flowers.

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Infusion cream and blueberry, description and property: A mixture of cream and blueberry, with a sour taste due to the blueberry itself, for the body is like a treatment in a Spa salon. It improves circulation, renews cells, deflates. These powerful effects on the body are obtained thanks to the infusion, immersed in water, even for a few hours, release all the substances they are rich.The results of a study show that with a consumption of wild bilberries equivalent to a human at 2 cups a day, for 8 weeks, a positive action is obtained in regulating and improving the balance between vasodilation and vasoconstriction in the vascular wall , improving blood flow and regulating blood pressure in obese models with metabolic syndrome.

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