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Aloe lemon and chamomile infusion

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Aloe lemon and chamomile infusion is a delight on the palate, with a fresh and summery taste thanks to the presence of citrus fruits. An infusion suitable for every hour, even in the evening.

Ingredients: pieces of apple, pieces of acidified apple (apple, acidifier: citric acid), candied aloe vera (aloe vera, sugar), zest of orange, chamomile (7%), natural flavor, safflower, lemon zest, fragrant verbena, calendula.

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 10/12 min. of infusion

Anise licorice

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A combination studied especially for those who have problems with digestion. In fact, both licorice and anise are two plants that have digestive properties and help fight aerophagia, slow digestion and gastro-duodenal ulcers.

Ingredients: pure licorice, aromas.

anise seeds

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Anise seeds have digestive and anti-swelling properties, they are the basis of anti-inflammatory herbal preparations for coughs. Rich in aromatic oils that stimulate appetite and digestion and help the intestinal microflora, counteracting abdominal pain. Excellent if left to infuse, together with fennel seeds, to deflate the belly.

Ingredients: anise seeds

Packaging: 50 / 150g stackable airtight pet jar.
Packaging: 250g / 1000g kraft bag with zip that saves freshness.

Aniseed seed powder

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Anise has been known since ancient times both as a flavoring and as a medicine. Even the king of England saw an opportunity to increase revenue and declared it a taxable spice. The money was then used to pay for the maintenance of London Bridge.

Ingredients: anise seeds in powder

Packaging: 50g / 150g stackable airtight pet jar.
Packaging: 250g / 1000g kraft bag with zip to save freshness.

Barattolo in latta green

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Useful, colorful tea boxes that decorate your kitchen! The design of these tea containers is very accurate. Being tin boxes, they are light and ideal for collecting such delicate products as infusions or tea leaves.
The cap of these herbal tea holders has an ideal closure for the most appropriate storage and guaranteeing freshness and quality to the product. Contains about 80 / 100g of product.
Measurements: height 11 cm - diameter 7 cm

Bark cinnamon

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Cinnamon in bark is the spice preferred by cooks to give a particular flavor to their recipes. In healthy terms, cinnamon helps keep blood sugar in balance, helps prevent cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, triglycerides and ulcers. Tip: do not cook it too long, it can become bitter.

Ingredients: cinnamon bark


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Berberè is the basic ingredient of Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine, it is a blend of spicy and tasty spices, known for making a good zighinì. Suitable for meat stews with tomato, a very versatile spice to use.

Ingredients: chilli, salt, cardamom, garlic, onion, rosemary, ginger, black sesame, ajowan, basil, lippia abyssinica, thymus, herb of grace, fenugreek, cinnamon, cloves, coriander.
Origin: Ethiopia

Packaging : 50 / 150g stackable airtight pet jar.
Packaging: 250g / 1000g kraft bag with zip to save freshness.

Birch in herbal tea-cut leaves

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Birch has diuretic properties useful in case of kidney stones, cellulite, febrifugal and anti-inflammatory properties, it fights colds and heals wounds and skin diseases. It is also helpful in protecting the scalp by slowing down hair loss.

Ingredients: birch leaves
Origin: Poland

  • 100 °
  • 3/5g every 250 ml
  • 05/07 min. of infusion
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